Why Job Fairs Don't Work!

Job Fairs SUCK!!

Here's why....today I went to a job fair hosted by monster myself and many others were expecting something all together different then what we found waiting for us. There were only a dozen booths and those booths consisted of "Money Tree", "Enterprise", "Aflac" and "Farmers"!

Where are all the REAL jobs?

Not here....and not on MONSTER! Let's take a poll how many of you have gotten a "real job" off of some internet job site? All I ever get is SPAMMED! I get "you'd make a great administrative assistant" when I don't even have admin work on my resume! I also get "start your career working for (insert insurance company here)"! I'm sorry but I don't want to be a telemarketer pushing insurance to people. Plus most of the insurance/financial planning positions are straight commission!

I thought job sites were supposed to help you find POSITIONS not jobs! I learned the first time never to give out my number on these sites as my phone rang off the hook and "real" hiring managers couldn't get through!

So where do you find jobs? These days most companies use either internal or external recruiters. Meaning you have to fill out TONS of online forms and wait around for someone to call you.

The best way to circulate your resume is to NETWORK! Don't wait around until you need a job network now! Here's an interesting idea look online at your local Chamber of Commerce and see what events they're holding. Usually non-members can attend events for a small fee! Make a professional looking personal business card...something catchy that will stand out! This is a great opportunity to network with business owners!!

Remember DESPERATION CAN BE SMELLED ON YOU LIKE FEAR TO A DOG!! If you attempt to either find a job or network with people and you appear desperate in any way kiss that opportunity goodbye. In order to get a job these days you have to be a good actor so sign up for classes at your local college you won't be sorry! LOL

The stronger your network is the better your career options are! CHOOSE YOUR NETWORK AND YOUR FRIENDS WISELY! It's kind of like you are what you eat if you have a lousy network you'll find a lousy job. If you bring a bum friend (or relative) to a networking opportunity you will be judged by who you hang out with.

Always look your best and be prepared to market yourself!

I was at my local car dealership today and the salesman handed me his business card. On his card there was a cut out of a Scottie dog! We winded up talking about his card and how he chose that design. Turn out his name is Scott, he’s from Scotland and he raises Scottie dogs! After a good chuckle I wanted to give this man my business. What a GREAT ice breaker!!

Be original, yet be yourself let things flow through you instead of forcing it out the unnatural way. This is how you market yourself!


Addcore said...

What a great article; this is sooo true!!!

Paul Anderson (Performance Coach)

Addcore said...


I've gotten many positions throughout my career and not one has been from Monster or CareerBuilder or Dice. Now I don't get spam from Dice or (sometimes from CareerBuilder) but I get a lot of SPAM from Monster - can't stand those guys.

Once I actually got an email from them that said that they were hacked and 100,000s + of resumes/people's contacts were compromised. For a Web company the size of Monster, this is unacceptable!

Networking is the way to go baby!