Free Resume Consultation!

I'm now providing a FREE RESUME CONSULTATION. As a professional recruiter I ran across hundreds if not thousands of resumes. I know the ins and outs of what will make your resume attract more attention. Here's how it works you email me a word copy of your resume and I'll give you advice on what I think YOU should change. I won't rewrite your resume and I don't offer any services. I will give you constructive criticism and (if I find any) some good examples of what your resume SHOULD look like. Also include in the email a short job description of the position you're targeting. Email me at shallow.waterz@gmail.com For some basic info read my article about resume writing.

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Sarac said...

Thank you for creating this blog with so much useful info and for providing the personal consultation. I was really impressed by your quick reply to my email!

I agree with all your comments and advice. Your thoroughness in reviewing my resume is very much appreciated.

Mrs. Advice provides the perspective of the internal recruiter, which is highly important. Her comments may save you from failing at the initial screening.

I will definitely recommend all my friends to run their resume by Mrs. Advice before applying to a new job!