Do You Have to LIE to Get a Job?

Several people have asked me “how do I get a job if I have NO EXPERIENCE?”.

Do I have to LIE on my resume?

This is a tough question....because it is unethical to lie on your resume yet how are you supposed to feed your family if you have no money?

Here's a few steps that may help you BREAK INTO the corporate world.

1. Write a good resume...you can write an honest resume that showcases who you are! If you need help read my resume writing article or contact me for a free consultation.

2. Here's a TRICK have you or could you work as a consultant? Do you build or repair computers for your friends? Do you design websites for your family? Do you have a marketable skill? If so sell or give away your time to whoever you can find that needs it. Then ask them to be your reference and call yourself a consultant (anyone can be a sole proprietor but you won’t need to register a company just for your resume). The more references you have the better.

3. START AT THE BOTTOM! Find an entry level job work there for 6 months to a year then UPDATE your resume TAILOR it to the new/better position that you want and APPLY! Most people sit in the same job year after year waiting for a promotion. Short-cut your way to the top! Just remember as you move higher you'll have to keep your job longer as employers like to see stability! If you hate working in one place for more than a year read my contracting article.

4. Find "stupid jobs" I call certain jobs stupid jobs...this means that anyone can apply because the job SUCKS! Some of these positions are commissioned base only and that can hurt you financially. However they can be GREAT for your resume! See if you can find a boring, lousy, low paying job that no one wants but that can help you build a resume. Stay there for 6 months then apply for a better job! List of jobs that can help build your resume and aren't that difficult to get (Receptionist, Help Desk, Anything IT Related, Data Entry, Network Babysitter [there are a few companies that need someone to watch a screen at night and call an engineer if the network crashes sometimes they call it a NOC Engineer make sure you don't need network knowledge]).

5. Find a DESPERATE company! There are some startup companies out there that are desperate for people, mainly because they can't afford to pay you the market rate. Most of these places will train you and will hire you based on your confidence and personality.

6. Find a job that comes with training!

7. ALWAYS SHOWCASE what YOU CAN DO! Most people add their skills in a list ex (Microsoft Office, Excel, and Oracle) and yet they don't put their skills in their job description. If I don't see Oracle in your JD I'll think that you don't have workplace experience using Oracle and may pass you by. Job descriptions are the most important part of your BROCHURE!! Tell me what you can do!

IT MAY TAKE YOU A YEAR TO BUILD A PRESENTABLE RESUME!! I guarantee that when you finally do get the position you're after you'll find that it was worth it!

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Mrs. Advice,

Thank you for your insightful advice.
Your advice is my golden goose egg.

Thank you very much!!!