How Can I Offer FREE Consulting?

Several people have asked me “how can I offer FREE SERVICES?”. They think there's a hidden agenda or fee.

Here's the answer, ADS! I get paid to put ads on my blog. Therefore you've already paid be by viewing my site/ads.

This allows me to give back to the community by offering free services. My service is free because I'm already making money off of this blog. I even make money in my sleep!

Here's how you do it:

Get a BLOG or a WEBSITE!

PUT INTERESTING INFO!! You need to write something or offer something of INTEREST. People won't come to your site for boring unimportant information. Find your market and target them.

MARKET YOURSELF!! Once you have info up market yourself. Go to other blogs and comment! Your comment must be interesting for people to want to click your link. Offering a free service is a GREAT way to market your blog!

WRITE SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAY! People get bored with the same old stuff. Write a new article everyday! Find a way to make your site interactive. People need something to do on your site. Make sure they can comment on your articles.

MAKES SEVERAL BLOGS/SITES!! Have numerous blogs on a variety of topics and put ads on each one.

KEEP IT UP!! Don't get discouraged this can take awhile before you see real money. I know of one blog that makes 40k a MONTH! But his site has been up for YEARS. Stick with it! You can work your blog after work on the weekends and in your spare time. You don't have to quit your job until you can afford too. Find out what you're doing wrong and try a new approach!!

I hope this helps....if you'd like for me to give you free consulting on your resume send them to shallow.waterz@gmail.com


Why Sample Resumes are Your Friend!

Here's something that I find helps in creating that extra special resume. GOOGLE SEARCH!

I'm serious...for example, type database developer sample resume into google, and all sorts of example resumes/real resumes will pop up!

This is your bread and butter!! Find as many examples as you can! See if they match your skill set and GET IDEAS!!

Now remember plagiarism is any 4 words in a row. So while you're using these examples to get your brain flowing; be careful not to rip them off.

MAKE SURE TO USE GOOD EXAMPLES!! If you find a resume that looks worse than yours...move on! Find only the best of the bunch! Then choose your content wisely not everything will work for you.

Something else you can type into a search engine is bits and pieces of a job description. Such as building tables with business objects. All kinds of cool info will pop up for you to learn from.

BECOME A RESEARCHER! If you've ever set up a lemonade stand in your front lawn then you know a little bit about marketing. You need to be appealing to your customer. Research how to be appealing and then create your brochure! Bundle that up with a great personality and you'll get any job you want. For more info on building an amazing resume see my resume building article.

Resume Example

Dear Mrs. Advice,

Your blogs, especially on resume advice, have been greatly helpful for a recent graduate like me.
If you have some time to spare, I would like you to critique my resume and give me some pointers. My target job is an entry-level financial analyst. I realize that my background does not directly related to this area; however, I would like to pursue in this direction.
You can use my resume as an example on your blog to help others.

Jason J

Here's Jason's Resume:


To obtain a position in the financial analyst field where analytical and quantitative skills will be utilized


Highly analytical team player with aptitude for quickly scrutinizing environments to identify and prioritize needs/risks and develop solutions

Motivated self-starter who adept at multi-tasking and thriving in a fast-paced environment while coordinating numerous time-sensitive projects

Highly flexible and adaptable performer with proven relationship-builder with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.


Master of Business Administration, Dec 2007
Major: Finance

Bachelor of Science Dec, 2005
Honor: Dean’s List

Relevant Courses:

Security Analysis and Investment
Financial and Managerial Accounting
U.S. Financial System in Global Environment
Multinational Finance


Graduate Assistant

Collected and analyzed data and created reports for the supervisor
Served as “Help Desk” provided troubleshoot support for the organization members
Gathered, organized, and verified large database

IT Specialist, Taguchi Overseas, Bangkok, Thailand, 2003-2006

Launched the company’s e-commerce website, expanding the company’s revenue channel
Acted as an IT consultant and provided troubleshoot support
Coordinated major system upgrade increasing productivity

Computer Skills:

Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems;
SPSS, Dreamweaver , HTML, JAVA, Visual C++;
MS Office Suite;


President, Thai Student Association
Founder and Member, College Name Here Business School Graduate Association
Member, Finance Association of College Name Here University
Member, College Name Here Business School International Student Association

Fluent in English and Thai

Now at first glance I'll tell you what I like about this resume. It is well written and showcases Jason's schooling. He took the time to describe his interpersonal and communication skills. Good job Jason!

Here's what needs improvement:

1. Resume is TOO SHORT!! Most college students create a one page resume cutting down on the job descriptions to make everything fit. THIS IS A BIG NO NO!! Your JD is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in your resume/brochure! As you can see Jason needs to put more info in both job descriptions.

2. ORDER! The order should go, Intro, Skills, Schooling (if significant), Job Description, and What's Left. The resume above has less significant information up front and SKILLS down at the bottom.

3. PUT WHAT YOU DID!! Jason states in his first job that he worked with large databases...yet in skills he doesn't list any databases. He also doesn't state what he specifically did with said database! Can you generate reports, if so what type? Build tables, code, and etc....what can you do?

4. FIX GRAMMATICAL ERRORS! There's a few errors in Jason's resume but....I've seen FAR WORSE! Check and recheck your work!

Juice it up!! Then remember to tailor your resume to the job you want!

Do You Have to LIE to Get a Job?

Several people have asked me “how do I get a job if I have NO EXPERIENCE?”.

Do I have to LIE on my resume?

This is a tough question....because it is unethical to lie on your resume yet how are you supposed to feed your family if you have no money?

Here's a few steps that may help you BREAK INTO the corporate world.

1. Write a good resume...you can write an honest resume that showcases who you are! If you need help read my resume writing article or contact me for a free consultation.

2. Here's a TRICK have you or could you work as a consultant? Do you build or repair computers for your friends? Do you design websites for your family? Do you have a marketable skill? If so sell or give away your time to whoever you can find that needs it. Then ask them to be your reference and call yourself a consultant (anyone can be a sole proprietor but you won’t need to register a company just for your resume). The more references you have the better.

3. START AT THE BOTTOM! Find an entry level job work there for 6 months to a year then UPDATE your resume TAILOR it to the new/better position that you want and APPLY! Most people sit in the same job year after year waiting for a promotion. Short-cut your way to the top! Just remember as you move higher you'll have to keep your job longer as employers like to see stability! If you hate working in one place for more than a year read my contracting article.

4. Find "stupid jobs" I call certain jobs stupid jobs...this means that anyone can apply because the job SUCKS! Some of these positions are commissioned base only and that can hurt you financially. However they can be GREAT for your resume! See if you can find a boring, lousy, low paying job that no one wants but that can help you build a resume. Stay there for 6 months then apply for a better job! List of jobs that can help build your resume and aren't that difficult to get (Receptionist, Help Desk, Anything IT Related, Data Entry, Network Babysitter [there are a few companies that need someone to watch a screen at night and call an engineer if the network crashes sometimes they call it a NOC Engineer make sure you don't need network knowledge]).

5. Find a DESPERATE company! There are some startup companies out there that are desperate for people, mainly because they can't afford to pay you the market rate. Most of these places will train you and will hire you based on your confidence and personality.

6. Find a job that comes with training!

7. ALWAYS SHOWCASE what YOU CAN DO! Most people add their skills in a list ex (Microsoft Office, Excel, and Oracle) and yet they don't put their skills in their job description. If I don't see Oracle in your JD I'll think that you don't have workplace experience using Oracle and may pass you by. Job descriptions are the most important part of your BROCHURE!! Tell me what you can do!

IT MAY TAKE YOU A YEAR TO BUILD A PRESENTABLE RESUME!! I guarantee that when you finally do get the position you're after you'll find that it was worth it!


Microsoft Contract Positions

Let’s explore the new concept behind contracting. Contract positions used to be short term positions in random locations. This made contract work very difficult as it was hard to find another contract in the same city. These days’ contract positions are DESIRABLE! They pay more, you still receive benefits, sick /holiday pay and when you're term is over you can collect unemployment until you switch to another contract.

Here in Washington State, contract positions are a dime a dozen. Microsoft has a large majority of their staff working off of what's called an A- or V- position.

A- positions are short term usually from 3 months to 1 year. Most "teams" in MS keep their contingent staff or A- positions for the full year as due to budget restraints it would be costly to replace you. Once you've completed one year as an A- you must take a mandatory 100 day break. Meaning you can't work as temporary staff (A- or V-) in MS for 100 days. You can convert to full time (full time refers to direct hire not 40 hours, contractors get 40 hours and can elect for more)or Blue Badge as we call it up here during your 100 day break. That means you would be an employee of MS directly.

V- positions or vendors are just that...they classify you as a vendor with an outside company and you work either on or off the premises completing assigned projects. Vendors don't have an expiration date yet they also don't get the MS perks. Regulations state that vendors should be supplied office space by their vendor company not MS. Vendors are also supposed to obtain all equipment from their vendor company as well. This is the by-laws however they are hardly ever followed unless space/equipment is limited. V- employees (supposedly) report to their vendor company and not to MS managers, once again it is too time consuming for a MS manager to call your vendor manager so this is rarely followed as well. The great thing about V- is you don't have to take a 100 day break and your contract can be ongoing for several years. Sometimes you may even get to work from home.

When your 100 day break is over sometimes your old team will want you back as they worked hard to train you. In Seattle finding another contract position is easy as the unemployment rate is very low and employers have to compete for candidates. For precaution I'd recommend searching for a new position 2 -4 weeks before you NEED one! Also you can work for other large companies during your break from MS.

What is it like working as a contractor in MS? It's almost exactly like being an employee except without the intense interview and background checks. It is really easy to get contract positions as you're basically an at will employment meaning they can let you go at anytime. Therefore the interviews and clearance process is shorter and EASIER. Now let me clarify almost every company these days hires you "at will" meaning they can just let you go whenever. The reason the process is simpler is because your benefits and salary come from your staffing agency not MS. This means you’re CHEAPER for MS than hiring a person directly.

When you're hired as an A- or V- you get full access to MS campus with a little ID badge. You get all the free soda you could want. You'll have an email account ending in @microsoft.com. Basically you're like an employee.

What are the staffing agencies like? There are SEVERAL LARGE agencies in this area! They're big, stable, offer great packages, and have tons of jobs. Here are a few I'd recommend: Volt, Kelly Services, Aditi, Apex, and Excell Data. Take a look at their websites and see what they have to offer.

THE BEST REASON TO CONTRACT IS $$$$! Contractors get paid more! There's also tons of room to negotiate depending on your position! I negotiated $15/hr more then I was originally offered + benefits, bringing my income to 6 figures for a Project Manager position.

SECOND BEST REASON TO CONTRACT RESUMES!! As you can see if you read my profile I move around a lot. As a contractor for MS, I can change teams every year (when my contract is up) yet on my resume I can put MS for 3 years and simply specify projects. Therefore I get variety yet I look stable! Also tons of companies in Washington use similar contract positions T-Mobile, Expedia, Google, Boeing, and more.

THIRD REASON TO CONTRACT I WANT A BREAK! I make such good money during my contract that in my 100 days off I'm able to relax, go on vacation, go back to school, and more. I love it!

FOURTH REASON UNEMPLOYMENT RATE! Here in Seattle our unemployment rate is ridiculously low and as a recruiter our candidates are SNATCHED before we finish the paperwork! Competition makes negotiation as EASY as taking candy from a baby.

So I guess I'm not just saying that you should look for contracting positions...Seattle has an excellent job market ESPECIALLY for technical people(disclaimer…this is just my opinion please research before moving to a new location)!

Next time you see a 6month project or a contract to hire position give them a call...ask questions.


False Resumes

I have come across a resume scam in my line of work and there's nothing I can do about it! There's a certain country (and to be politically correct I won't name which one) overseas that CREATES FALSE RESUMES.

Here's what they do...

1 THEY'RE ALWAYS MARRIED! I'll get resumes from females in the US who are on their husband’s visas and are looking for technical jobs. I find that most of the time they're either looking for developer or database positions. They're resumes portray that they are HIGHLY QUALIFIED therefore I book a phone screen.

2 THEY NEED 2 DAYS! During the phone screen I'm usually interested in the candidate’s personality and communication skills (I don't ask ANY technical questions). I find that everything goes great until I go to schedule the in person interview. Then the typical response is that they need 2 days to prepare. When I try to push an earlier date they'll become belligerent insisting on the 2 days. I'm usually able to sway a few into coming in sooner but mainly I just wait.

3 THEY CAN'T INTERVIEW! The candidate usually shows up to the interview with her husband where I have to inform her that he needs to wait in the lobby. In the interview I bring in a basic level technical consultant who then quizzes the candidate. They're great at the verbal Q & A with almost exact textbook wording but when they actually have to show some basic code on a board they fail and fluster miserably. About 90% of these women can't pass the simplest white board questions of the most basic technical standards.

4 SAME RESUME! As I dug deeper into this matter I found that most of these women had the EXACT SAME RESUME. All of them had the SAME technical skills as their husbands! When I'd look at the properties of their resume the author was always someone else. My theory is that there's a company overseas who contracts out the husbands then writes their wives false resumes (WITH DEGREES) and tries to get them a position as well; with just basic knowledge either learned from the husband or taught in 6 week courses.

The CRAZY thing is I'm sure some of these women actually get high paying jobs!! Not through me of course as I'm VERY THOUROUGH!!

Now working in the field I also ran across many men from this country that would tell you they could do things that they couldn't. One case someone in my team needed a Web Developer and instead hired an Applications Developer. I kept telling the hiring manager that this person was not suited for this particular position and that he should be moved to another one. Yet every time the manager asked this gentleman if he could do the work he said yes, sure, no problem. As soon as the manager walked out of the room I was bombarded with the questions regarding the simplest matters. Eventually after producing crappy work the developer was transferred to another team. I was appalled at how he could OUTRIGHT lie about his knowledge right in front of me. Then turn around and ask me to teach him how to do it. I simply stated “that's not in my job description I suggest you get some reading material”.


Free Resume Consultation!

I'm now providing a FREE RESUME CONSULTATION. As a professional recruiter I ran across hundreds if not thousands of resumes. I know the ins and outs of what will make your resume attract more attention. Here's how it works you email me a word copy of your resume and I'll give you advice on what I think YOU should change. I won't rewrite your resume and I don't offer any services. I will give you constructive criticism and (if I find any) some good examples of what your resume SHOULD look like. Also include in the email a short job description of the position you're targeting. Email me at shallow.waterz@gmail.com For some basic info read my article about resume writing.


Why Job Fairs Don't Work!

Job Fairs SUCK!!

Here's why....today I went to a job fair hosted by monster myself and many others were expecting something all together different then what we found waiting for us. There were only a dozen booths and those booths consisted of "Money Tree", "Enterprise", "Aflac" and "Farmers"!

Where are all the REAL jobs?

Not here....and not on MONSTER! Let's take a poll how many of you have gotten a "real job" off of some internet job site? All I ever get is SPAMMED! I get "you'd make a great administrative assistant" when I don't even have admin work on my resume! I also get "start your career working for (insert insurance company here)"! I'm sorry but I don't want to be a telemarketer pushing insurance to people. Plus most of the insurance/financial planning positions are straight commission!

I thought job sites were supposed to help you find POSITIONS not jobs! I learned the first time never to give out my number on these sites as my phone rang off the hook and "real" hiring managers couldn't get through!

So where do you find jobs? These days most companies use either internal or external recruiters. Meaning you have to fill out TONS of online forms and wait around for someone to call you.

The best way to circulate your resume is to NETWORK! Don't wait around until you need a job network now! Here's an interesting idea look online at your local Chamber of Commerce and see what events they're holding. Usually non-members can attend events for a small fee! Make a professional looking personal business card...something catchy that will stand out! This is a great opportunity to network with business owners!!

Remember DESPERATION CAN BE SMELLED ON YOU LIKE FEAR TO A DOG!! If you attempt to either find a job or network with people and you appear desperate in any way kiss that opportunity goodbye. In order to get a job these days you have to be a good actor so sign up for classes at your local college you won't be sorry! LOL

The stronger your network is the better your career options are! CHOOSE YOUR NETWORK AND YOUR FRIENDS WISELY! It's kind of like you are what you eat if you have a lousy network you'll find a lousy job. If you bring a bum friend (or relative) to a networking opportunity you will be judged by who you hang out with.

Always look your best and be prepared to market yourself!

I was at my local car dealership today and the salesman handed me his business card. On his card there was a cut out of a Scottie dog! We winded up talking about his card and how he chose that design. Turn out his name is Scott, he’s from Scotland and he raises Scottie dogs! After a good chuckle I wanted to give this man my business. What a GREAT ice breaker!!

Be original, yet be yourself let things flow through you instead of forcing it out the unnatural way. This is how you market yourself!


How to Write a Resume

Hello Everyone, Here's a little background on me; I used to be a recruiter that worked with large Fortune 500 companies. While working there I learned the ins and outs of HOW TO GET A JOB! One of my duties was to log in to various job posting sites and review resumes. Here's how it works...I type keywords in a search engine along with any requirements (degree, location, etc) and the engine pops up with tons of listings for me. The listings on top are the ones that MATCH my specific keywords the most! (KEYWORDS, KEYWORDS, KEYWORDS find out what keywords your target job is using including software or techincal keywords!) These keywords are show up highlighted all over the users resume like candy!

I then spent hours upon hours SCANNING different resumes. Saving the info of my favorite candidates to contact later. Here's what I've learned from my experiences.

Rules for getting your resume noticed:

1. SPELLING!! If you have grammatical/spelling errors or typos in your resume I may pass on contacting you! Now one or two errors and I may let it slide but 3 or more FORGET IT! I can't afford to recommend someone for an interview if they're not good at communicating. Everything job involves writing so if you can't write yourself a proper resume...that tells me you might not be able to create documents in the workplace. You have spell check...USE IT!

2. TOO MUCH INFO!! I can't tell you how many resumes I've come across that were CLUTTERED and had everything the person had ever done on there. I mean they put that they worked at Pizza Hut as a teenager! Cut back on the content just put your 4 most recent positions and for the rest put the title and company name (only if it is relevant to the position you're applying to).

3. NOT ENOUGH INFO!! If you have ONE sentence to describe 1 year's worth of work... you're not trying hard enough! Lots of people don't know what to put on their resumes so they make it short and simple. However there is such a thing as TOO short and TOO simple! Find a good balance.

4. WORTHLESS INFO!! I have an example of a resume...the candidate was looking for a Program Manager position. This person had down as one of their accomplishments "set up pizza night". Now to make it worse, she was the CO-FOUNDER of the group. I think she could have found something more prestigious then pizza night! This is your BROCHURE if you make a crappy brochure no one will buy you!

5. STRUCTURE!! A good structure WILL help your resume get noticed. Remember you are competing with possibly hundreds of candidates per job you apply to. Your resume MUST be easy to scan! It needs to have a flow to it. Those of you that write paragraphs instead of bullets for your work experience make it harder to be scanned. That's the last thing you want is to be passed up because someone didn't feel like reading!

6. ITS ALL IN THE TITLE!! Titles these days are a joke LITERALLY!! A lot of the managers that I worked with couldn't figure out what to call the position. They would "just pick something" sometimes they'd ask me what to call it. On the flip side when we've called peoples last employer to verify most of the time title was never mentioned or DIDN'T MATTER. The only place a title matters is ONE YOUR RESUME! Therefore research the positions on your resume and see if there's a similar title that is "fancier". For instance in most cases Administrative Assistant and Project Coordinator are the SAME position. Which title do you like better? Now if you change your title from Admin to VP well then that's lying. There are alternate titles for your position find the best one for your resume.

7. DROP THE WORTHLESS SKILLS!! About 70% of the resumes I come across list in their skill set MS WORD!! I'm sorry even if I'm looking for an administrative assistant I don't want to see that. If you list software’s or software suites please list them accurately. Microsoft Office includes Outlook, Word, Access, Excel, and etc therefore you only need to list MS Office. If the software is basic or common don't list it! You don't have to have a skills area.

8. OBJECTIVE!! You don't need to put what your objective is especially if you don't know what it is! Try typing an introduction instead!

9. EDUCATION: If you don't have a prestigious degree...put your degree last. Only highlight a degree if you've graduated with honors or from a prestigious school.

10. FORGET WHAT THEY TELL YOU!! I've heard all of these different resume rules such as: Make your resume 1 page, write your resume in present tense blah, blah, blah! Sometimes you need your resume to be longer than one page! These days not many people care what TENSE you write in. The purpose of a resume is to HIGHLIGHT your accomplishments!!

11. CHANGE THAT EMAIL ADDRESS!! I've seen several funny email addresses on resumes. I won't take you seriously if your email is sunflwr@ fill in the blank! Invest in an email address with your name in it! I suggest you create an email address SPECIFICALLY for job searching. This way you won't miss an opportunity and your future employer can't look up your myspace!

12. DELETE PERSONAL INFORMATION!! I don't need to know that you like knitting on long winter nights. Delete all personal information from your resume. If someone thinks knitting is stupid or a waste of time they'll judge you. That's the last thing you need! Keep your hobbies to your self at least until after they hire you.

I found that people worry more about is my resume ACURATE then they do about DOES IT SELL ME!! This is not the government....I don't care if you're off by a month on your start and end dates. I don't care where you did what. I don't care what you did in any of your positions. All I care about is CAN YOU DO THIS JOB?

Also here's a little bit about employment verification. When we call your previous employer (using the number you gave us) all we can verify is date of employment and title along with salary nothing else!! I usually only called the last employer that you worked for, maybe if ever the last 2 employers. I can’t look up your social, I don’t have magical powers. When we do take your social and do background we’re looking for criminal NOT VERIFYING YOUR RESUME! Half the time we didn’t even verify degrees and if everything else checks out but we were unable to verify your degree we let it slide. So stop worrying about facts and write your BROCHURE! Like I said unless you’re applying for a government position nobody cares if your resume is accurate.

I will look for sample resumes to use as examples. Just remember, what I'm looking for in your resume is can you do the job I have open? If it’s not on your resume then I don't think you can do it! This is a brochure about YOU! How do you want it to look?