How Can I Offer FREE Consulting?

Several people have asked me “how can I offer FREE SERVICES?”. They think there's a hidden agenda or fee.

Here's the answer, ADS! I get paid to put ads on my blog. Therefore you've already paid be by viewing my site/ads.

This allows me to give back to the community by offering free services. My service is free because I'm already making money off of this blog. I even make money in my sleep!

Here's how you do it:

Get a BLOG or a WEBSITE!

PUT INTERESTING INFO!! You need to write something or offer something of INTEREST. People won't come to your site for boring unimportant information. Find your market and target them.

MARKET YOURSELF!! Once you have info up market yourself. Go to other blogs and comment! Your comment must be interesting for people to want to click your link. Offering a free service is a GREAT way to market your blog!

WRITE SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAY! People get bored with the same old stuff. Write a new article everyday! Find a way to make your site interactive. People need something to do on your site. Make sure they can comment on your articles.

MAKES SEVERAL BLOGS/SITES!! Have numerous blogs on a variety of topics and put ads on each one.

KEEP IT UP!! Don't get discouraged this can take awhile before you see real money. I know of one blog that makes 40k a MONTH! But his site has been up for YEARS. Stick with it! You can work your blog after work on the weekends and in your spare time. You don't have to quit your job until you can afford too. Find out what you're doing wrong and try a new approach!!

I hope this helps....if you'd like for me to give you free consulting on your resume send them to shallow.waterz@gmail.com

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