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Dear Mrs. Advice,

Your blogs, especially on resume advice, have been greatly helpful for a recent graduate like me.
If you have some time to spare, I would like you to critique my resume and give me some pointers. My target job is an entry-level financial analyst. I realize that my background does not directly related to this area; however, I would like to pursue in this direction.
You can use my resume as an example on your blog to help others.

Jason J

Here's Jason's Resume:


To obtain a position in the financial analyst field where analytical and quantitative skills will be utilized


Highly analytical team player with aptitude for quickly scrutinizing environments to identify and prioritize needs/risks and develop solutions

Motivated self-starter who adept at multi-tasking and thriving in a fast-paced environment while coordinating numerous time-sensitive projects

Highly flexible and adaptable performer with proven relationship-builder with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.


Master of Business Administration, Dec 2007
Major: Finance

Bachelor of Science Dec, 2005
Honor: Dean’s List

Relevant Courses:

Security Analysis and Investment
Financial and Managerial Accounting
U.S. Financial System in Global Environment
Multinational Finance


Graduate Assistant

Collected and analyzed data and created reports for the supervisor
Served as “Help Desk” provided troubleshoot support for the organization members
Gathered, organized, and verified large database

IT Specialist, Taguchi Overseas, Bangkok, Thailand, 2003-2006

Launched the company’s e-commerce website, expanding the company’s revenue channel
Acted as an IT consultant and provided troubleshoot support
Coordinated major system upgrade increasing productivity

Computer Skills:

Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems;
SPSS, Dreamweaver , HTML, JAVA, Visual C++;
MS Office Suite;


President, Thai Student Association
Founder and Member, College Name Here Business School Graduate Association
Member, Finance Association of College Name Here University
Member, College Name Here Business School International Student Association

Fluent in English and Thai

Now at first glance I'll tell you what I like about this resume. It is well written and showcases Jason's schooling. He took the time to describe his interpersonal and communication skills. Good job Jason!

Here's what needs improvement:

1. Resume is TOO SHORT!! Most college students create a one page resume cutting down on the job descriptions to make everything fit. THIS IS A BIG NO NO!! Your JD is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in your resume/brochure! As you can see Jason needs to put more info in both job descriptions.

2. ORDER! The order should go, Intro, Skills, Schooling (if significant), Job Description, and What's Left. The resume above has less significant information up front and SKILLS down at the bottom.

3. PUT WHAT YOU DID!! Jason states in his first job that he worked with large databases...yet in skills he doesn't list any databases. He also doesn't state what he specifically did with said database! Can you generate reports, if so what type? Build tables, code, and etc....what can you do?

4. FIX GRAMMATICAL ERRORS! There's a few errors in Jason's resume but....I've seen FAR WORSE! Check and recheck your work!

Juice it up!! Then remember to tailor your resume to the job you want!

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winst said...

Mrs. Advice is amazing -- most helpful critique I've received yet, and I've shown my resume to quite a few payed university employees.