Why Sample Resumes are Your Friend!

Here's something that I find helps in creating that extra special resume. GOOGLE SEARCH!

I'm serious...for example, type database developer sample resume into google, and all sorts of example resumes/real resumes will pop up!

This is your bread and butter!! Find as many examples as you can! See if they match your skill set and GET IDEAS!!

Now remember plagiarism is any 4 words in a row. So while you're using these examples to get your brain flowing; be careful not to rip them off.

MAKE SURE TO USE GOOD EXAMPLES!! If you find a resume that looks worse than yours...move on! Find only the best of the bunch! Then choose your content wisely not everything will work for you.

Something else you can type into a search engine is bits and pieces of a job description. Such as building tables with business objects. All kinds of cool info will pop up for you to learn from.

BECOME A RESEARCHER! If you've ever set up a lemonade stand in your front lawn then you know a little bit about marketing. You need to be appealing to your customer. Research how to be appealing and then create your brochure! Bundle that up with a great personality and you'll get any job you want. For more info on building an amazing resume see my resume building article.

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JJ said...

Thank you for this entry. I'm afraid I've fallen into this category. This is something a lot of novice or "lazy" resume writers haven't thought of...